Car Accidents

Car Accidents

If you have been injured because of another’s negligence in California, you need a strong advocate on your side. The auto accident attorneys at Henshaw & Henry, PC can guide you through the complex process of obtaining results from opposing parties, including and especially insurance companies. are the situation can be extremely difficult, overwhelming even.

Some of the common questions individuals in vehicle accidents ask are:
Who will pay my medical bills?
Will I be able to recover any damages aside from getting my car fixed?
How will the car accident and claim process affect my personal and professional life?
How should I deal with the insurance companies?
Do I need to file a lawsuit against anyone?

If an unfortunate accident occurs, it is important to have a committed, responsive and, above all, experienced law firm to guide you through the legal process the optimal outcome for you and your family.

San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area Car Crash Attorneys
The lawyers at Henshaw & Henry, PC understand the difficulties injured people experience in in the aftermath of car accidents. We take the time with each client and prospective client to listen to your needs, and especially your story. We treat each individual that comes into our office with confidentiality, professionalism, and the utmost care. We recognize that your case is an extremely personal matter. The history of your injury, in addition to obtaining optimal results, matters to us. We take pride in handling all aspects of our personal injury and wrongful death claims. We strive to provide personal attention and quality service to our clients in an effective and efficient manner. As your automobile accident attorney, we will aggressively pursue and recover monetary damages that fully compensate you for your injuries, loss, or wrongful death claim.

San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area Litigation Experts

Unlike other personal injury lawyers and firms, we do not try to rush you in and out of our office with a settlement that is unfair to you. We take a methodical approach to investigate each claim to determine the needs of each client. Each case, and each individual suffering is unique. With that knowledge, we craft a strategy in accordance with your goals, with maximizing your results also in mind.

Because of this approach, Henshaw & Henry, PC is one of the most respected firms in San Jose. Our clients consistently review us with outstanding marks to let others know of the time and care we spend on each case.

Our attorneys are authorized to practice in both California and federal courts. We have a history of outstanding results with years of civil litigation and trial practice.