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San Jose Bike Accident Attorney

Bicycling in San Jose and San Francisco is almost an extreme sport. In cities crowded with people and motor vehicles, there seems to be no safe space for bicyclists to maneuver. Pedestrians walk in bicycle paths, and San Jose passed an ordinance in 2015 banning bicycles from riding on sidewalks in downtown. Lack of bicycle-friendly city infrastructure has led to bicyclists putting their lives at risk during daily commutes. If you’ve been the victim of a bicycle accident in the area, call on Henshaw & Henry, PC for legal advice.

Your Rights as a Bicyclist in San Jose

Bicycles have much the same rights as other vehicles in San Jose. Bicyclists can ride on all roadways other than major highways in the Bay Area, as long as they stay as far to the right side of the road as possible (except when turning left or avoiding debris). Bicyclists cannot ride while legally intoxicated. They have the same maximum blood alcohol concentration limit as drivers – 0.08%. Bicyclists must obey all applicable rules of the road, including stop signs and traffic signals. The law requires bicycle helmets for San Jose riders under the age of 18.

Bicycle accidents can happen no matter how careful you are as a bicyclist. Sometimes, you simply can’t avoid distracted and negligent drivers. In 2014, there were 343 bicyclist victims in collisions in San Jose. Of these victims, 41 were under the age of 15. If you become the victim of a bike accident, you have the right to pursue compensation. After your accident, remain calm and request an ambulance if you believe you have injuries. Call 911 and report the collision right away.

If you are able, collect information such as the driver’s name and insurance information. Get the information of any eyewitnesses as well. Take photos of the accident scene, your wrecked bicycle, and any injuries if you can. Once police arrive, be sure to give them your side of the story. Call the driver’s insurance company as soon as possible to report your damages. Then, call (408) 533-1075 to get in touch with Henshaw & Henry.

How Our Lawyers Can Help After a Bike Accident

If you suffered broken bones, soft tissue injuries, abrasions or lacerations, road rash, concussion, or a head or brain injury, contact an attorney in San Jose. The same is true if the crash totaled your expensive bicycle or if you were involved in a hit and run. You deserve an experienced lawyer to stand up for your rights and argue for fair compensation after a bad accident. Do not settle for less than the true value of your claim. Our attorneys can take over settlement negotiations with an insurance company on your behalf, and perform tasks such as:

We provide services on a contingency-fee basis, meaning you won’t pay unless we win. With our skillful bicycle accident attorneys at Henshaw & Henry, PC representing your case, you could maximize your compensation. Contact us today to schedule your first complimentary appointment.