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Injury Terms: The Ultimate Personal Injury Law Glossary (2018 Edition)

|  Posted on March 30, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Click here to jump to the bottom of this page! A Accident A sudden and/or unexpected event taking place without expectation, rather than something that continues or progresses. Ad Litem A Latin term meaning “for the purposes of the lawsuit”, meaning a person appointed by the court is acting on the behalf of the child or incapacitated person. Adjudicate To make a formal judgment or decision about a disputed matter, more specifically to resolve a legal matter. Appeal A legal proceeding in which a case is requested to be brought before a higher court for review and...
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What Happens If a Self-Driving Car Is Involved in a Car Accident?

|  Posted on February 22, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Self-driving cars have gone from being science fiction to imminent reality. California especially is a hotbed of test driving activity for many autonomous car makers. Makers of these vehicles claim they are safer than cars driven by humans. Of course mistakes can happen, and such cars have been involved in accidents. Determining who is liable for such an accident, and who is responsible for compensation, will become much more difficult when these vehicles hit the road in greater numbers. Recent Accident Involving Tesla On January 23rd, 2018, a Tesla vehicle being operated by its autopilot crashed into the back of a fire truck parked on a roadway at the scene of a freeway accident. Fortunately, no one was injured in...
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Car Inspection Laws in California – What Do You Need to Know?

|  Posted on February 4, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Part of the process of registering your vehicle is having your car inspected. In California, most inspections are concerned solely with whether your vehicle can pass emissions standards rather than safety concerns. If you live in San Jose, you may be required to have your car tested to ensure that it meets California standards for vehicle emissions. The injury attorneys of Henshaw & Henry want to help you understand what vehicles are required to be tested, and what you must do to meet these requirements. This will help you ensure your vehicle is legal to drive and keep the environment clean as well. Who Is Required to Get an Emissions Test? Most residents in Santa Clara county are required to...
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Biking Laws in San Jose – How to Stay Safe if You Commute to Work on Your Bike

|  Posted on January 26, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Biking is one of the most popular ways to commute in California. It provides a bit of exercise and helps the environment, plus the weather is almost always favorable. Unfortunately, bicyclists in San Jose too often have to risk their safety to get to work by bike. Distracted and negligent drivers caused many of the accidents that injured and killed 357 bicyclists in San Jose in 2015, but there were some that bicyclists could have prevented. If you have experienced a personal injury while riding your bike our injury attorneys can help. Obey these state and local biking laws to increase your safety while biking through the Bay Area. California Statewide Biking Laws The California Vehicle Code contains laws that...
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