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11 Things to Know After a California Car Accident

|  Posted on November 2, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
If you recently have been in a car accident in California, you may be wondering what you should do? Our San Jose car accident lawyers know how stressful life can be after an auto collision. The following eleven items represent critical steps that will help you understand and maintain your rights following an accident in the Golden State, and help you avoid potential issues or problems with claims after the accident. 1. Gather Information Gathering information, in some cases, can be the most critical step to protecting your legal interests. In order to preserve a personal injury claim arising out of the accident, take note of: Vehicle license plate numbers Names of all parties involved, including witnesses Driver’s license numbers...
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Halloween Safety Tips

|  Posted on October 24, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Our San Jose personal injury attorneys believe prevention is always better than cure when it comes to injuries. Have fun this Halloween without risking your family’s health by recognizing common dangers, knowing what not to do, and obeying a few safety best practices. Put your well-being first this fall with smart fire prevention, pedestrian safety tips, and other proactive ways to ensure your family’s safety. A great first step is reading this list of proven Halloween safety tips. Teach Kids Trick-or-Treating Safety Parents and children should never assume that trick-or-treating is safe for pedestrians – even in a neighborhood that closes its streets to drivers for Halloween. There will unfortunately always be drivers who break the rules, drive drunk, and...
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Autumn Safety Guide 2018

|  Posted on October 4, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
The change of seasons can, unfortunately, bring more than just colder weather to San Jose, California. The risk of personal injury accidents increases in autumn – at home, at work, and on the road. Seasonal viruses, traffic accidents, and slip-and-fall rates increase this time of year, as does the risk of negligence-related injuries. Our San Jose personal injury lawyers have created this autumn safety guide for 2018 to keep you and your family as safe as possible this fall. Increase Your Traffic Safety Weather changes, damp roads, leaf litter, seasonal residents, back-to-school traffic, less daylight, and lack of fall vehicle maintenance can all increase the risk of a San Jose car accident during autumn. August is the deadliest month of...
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How to Spot a Negligent Driver

|  Posted on September 19, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Negligent drivers are around every corner in San Jose, California. In a single year, the City of San Jose reported 5,093 deaths and injuries from traffic collisions. Hundreds of these cases involved drunk, speeding, and negligent drivers. You’ve probably encountered bad drivers on most of your drives and commutes – whether you knew it or not. Learning how to spot a negligent driver can help you avoid an accident and even save a life. Our San Jose car accident attorneys recommend using these signs to spot negligent driving and stay safe on San Jose’s roads and highways. Drifting Between Lanes One of the most common mistakes distracted, negligent, and drunk drivers make is the inability to stay in their own...
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