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San Jose Burn Injury Attorney

Burns can happen at home, at work, or in a motor vehicle accident. They can escalate from first degree to third degree in seconds, and scar the victim for life. Burns often cause permanent scarring, disfigurement, and sometimes amputations. Burn survivors may require thousands of dollars in surgeries, skin grafts, and medical care. They may also need weeks or months of physical rehabilitation, on top of therapy to treat the psychological effects of a traumatic burn experience. Such serious injuries deserve attention from aggressive San Jose burn injury attorneys, like those at Henshaw Law Office in California.

Who Is Liable for Your Burn Injury?

The party that may be liable for your burn injuries depends on the circumstances of your incident. The team of San Jose burn injury lawyers at Henshaw Law Office has the resources to thoroughly investigate your accident and help you identify the party or parties that contributed to your burns. We’ve seen a number of different defendants in burn injury cases; often more than one in a single case. The following are potential defendants in a burn injury claim:

How Our San Jose Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help

Henshaw Law Office can handle any type of claim your burn injuries demand for maximum compensation. No matter who we need to contact or what steps we need to take, our burn injury lawyers in San Jose will get it done in a timely manner for the most efficient legal process possible. We will be with your family every step of the way. From the initial filing of the claim to the final settlement or verdict agreement, our lawyers will be by your side. To find out what your burn injury claim could be worth, contact our burn injury lawyers online or call (408) 599-1305.