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Case Results

AHA 2012 LLC v. Ko (Los Angeles Superior Court then transferred to Central District California Bankruptcy Court) – $2,000,000

Plaintiffs invested in a property in Southern California. After the defendants took Plaintiffs’ money, they continually failed to provide updates on the investment. Henshaw Law Office filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior in an effort to recover Plaintiffs’ investment. Plaintiffs sued Defendants for breach of contract and fraud, along with other claims. Defendants filed bankruptcy to protect their assets. Ultimately, Plaintiffs recover $2,000,000 as a settlement in the bankruptcy court for their claims.

San Jose PG&E Fire Damage – $140,000

In May of 2017, a spark from a PG&E utility line in a San Jose started a fire at Plaintiff’s residence. The wind caused the fire to grow from a brush fire into several structures on Plaintiff’s property. The fire also caused Plaintiff’s animals on the property to run for safety as the fire progressed. The damage to the property included the destruction and burning of trees, plants, fences, irrigation systems, roofs, as well as the cleanup costs and new irrigation. Plaintiff also lost the animals that were previously on the property because of the lack of vegetation from the fire. Plaintiff settled for $140,000.