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Halloween Safety Tips

Our San Jose personal injury attorneys believe prevention is always better than cure when it comes to injuries. Have fun this Halloween without risking your family’s health by recognizing common dangers, knowing what not to do, and obeying a few safety best practices. Put your well-being first this fall with smart fire prevention, pedestrian safety tips, and other proactive ways to ensure your family’s safety. A great first step is reading this list of proven Halloween safety tips.

Teach Kids Trick-or-Treating Safety

Parents and children should never assume that trick-or-treating is safe for pedestrians – even in a neighborhood that closes its streets to drivers for Halloween. There will unfortunately always be drivers who break the rules, drive drunk, and endanger the lives of trick-or-treating children. Increase your kids’ safety by teaching them pedestrian best practices while collecting candy door-to-door:

You can increase your child’s safety on Halloween night by designing a smart costume. Make sure the costume fits snugly, with no loose or hanging materials that could cause a trip-and-fall accident. Add colorful or reflective cloth, if possible. Don’t use masks that could impede your child’s vision. Make sure the material of the costume is flame-retardant. By enforcing a few trick-or-treating safety rules, you can drastically reduce the odds of something bad happening.

Enforce a Curfew

The best way to make sure your children get home safely is to enforce a Halloween curfew. Make sure your kids know when they should be home from Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. Enforcing a curfew can ensure your children get safely back home before the majority of drunk or dangerous drivers are on the road. It can also give you the assurance your kids are safe for the night.

Decorate Wisely

One of the most anticipated parts of Halloween for many homeowners is putting out spooky decorations. Make sure you’re being safe when you decorate. Don’t put any flammable materials near sources of heat or light to reduce the risk of a house fire. Don’t decorate with anything that could put visitors at risk of personal injury accidents, such as slippery floor substances or trip-and-fall hazards. Check your smoke alarm batteries frequently.

Stay Safe on the Road

Car accidents in San Jose are more common on holidays, mainly due to drunk drivers. Never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drive slower than usual on Halloween night, especially in neighborhoods and communities with trick-or-treaters. Always watch for pedestrians. Try to stay off the roads after midnight, because most fatal drunk driving collisions happen in the early morning hours. If your teenagers will be driving on Halloween, enforce a curfew and make sure they don’t have too many passengers. Pay attention to the road at all times. Distracted driving can kill. With a few simple safety tips, you and your family can enjoy a safe, injury-free Halloween.