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Injured on Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

San Jose is a beautiful location, but time away from home can be a necessity for many vacationers. Vacations are a great getaway from the everyday routines of life. Whether you take an expensive trip or just explore San Jose, your main goal is to relax. However, plenty of difficulties can arise on vacation, whether it be inclement weather or travel delays. Unfortunately, not all vacation incidents are benign, and sometimes you may end up injured during your time off.

Common Vacation Injuries

Traveling is rife with potential for injury. After all, you may be in an unfamiliar location, and the sites can become a distraction while walking or driving. Jet lag and hectic vacation schedules can affect your amount of sleep and level of alertness. Environmental concerns for your health can include unsafe water or disease-carrying insects.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists some of the common injuries on vacation. A few of which include:

Steps to Take If You Are Injured on Vacation

No matter the severity of your accident on vacation, it is best to receive medical care so that later complications do not arise. It is better to spend some time getting treatment than increase your risks of delayed symptoms and further ruining your trip. To protect your right to file a claim, follow these steps if you are injured on vacation:

Reduce the Risk of Suffering Injury on Vacation

While you can take steps following an injury, it’s better to avoid injury altogether. Before you take your trip or engage in activities while traveling, do the following:

Not all injuries suffered on vacation require legal action, but more serious injuries caused by negligence often do. You may want to speak to a qualified personal injury attorney after your injury or when you notice symptoms after returning home. A lawyer can help you understand if your injury is eligible for a claim, determine liability, and give you information on jurisdictions. Call Henshaw & Henry, PC today to determine the next steps to take after a vacation injury.