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San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer Timothy D. Henry

Timothy D. Henry

Founding Partner

Timothy D. Henry is a Shareholder with Henshaw & Henry, PC, where he focuses in all areas of estate planning, probate, trust administration, and probate litigation.  He helps families create comprehensive estate plans to transfer assets to their children.  He represents Trustees when an event triggers the administration of a trust.  He counsels beneficiaries to make sure their interests are protected.  He efficiently navigates clients through the probate process.  In Tim’s own words…

“In 2006, after being married for two years, I sat in the attic of a four story apartment building in Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic. The attic had been furnished and transformed into my living quarters. This make-shift flat was provided to my wife and I as our residence while I chased my dream of playing professional basketball in Europe.

My wife had just returned to the United States to prepare for the imminent birth of our first child.

It was at that moment, alone in that little space, when I truly contemplated what would happen to my wife and child if something were to happen to me. I left no will, had no plan, and possessed very little knowledge about probate and the laws of intestacy. Would my loved ones, the people I hold most dear in this life, be okay?

After completing a successful basketball season in Europe, I returned home and thoroughly contemplated my future. While I had offers to continue playing basketball, my family’s stability and comfort outweighed my personal desire to continue my basketball career. I decided to pursue a career in law, essentially replacing the basketball court for the court of law.

I developed a passion for estate planning during law school at Santa Clara University. The cases fascinated me. Too often, I read about family members that found themselves situated as opponents in a legal matter. I figured that if I could perform work that preempted those situations and helped people deal with critical matters in an efficient way, I could find gratification in my life.

The same passion and interest that I developed in law school continue to drive my efforts as an estate planning attorney. As a young husband and father, I can relate with young parents who lie awake at night concerned about their children and providing for their future. As a son to wonderful parents, I can relate to trustees whose only wish is to carry out the intentions of their mother and father. As one of eleven siblings, I understand the myriad of issues that may arise amongst family members. With the experiences and status of my own personal life, I am confident that I can help you navigate these sensitive family matters to preserve your family dynamic.”

  • Personal Interests
    • Spending time with my wife and our four children
    • Playing golf and basketball, watching all sports