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San Jose Estate Administration Lawyer

In the aftermath of losing a loved one, there are many steps a person must take, from organizing funeral proceedings to emotionally dealing with the loss. One important process is distributing your loved one’s assets. While necessary, this process can be a long and uncertain proceeding.

Due to the complexity of the process, we recommend that a person seek the help of a qualified probate attorney in San Jose before attempting to carry out the task alone. Probate is legally transferring the title of an estate, property, or other assets of a person after they have passed away. The estate administration attorneys at Henshaw & Henry, PC can walk you through the probate process during a difficult time; call us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

The Steps of the Probate Process as an Estate Admin

First, the court or the will itself must appoint a personal representative. This role is often times called fiduciary, administrator, or executor of the estate. If the decedent did not appoint a personal representative, the court must appoint one.

Then, the personal representative will have to go through the following steps before distributing assets:

Open the estate.

Sign forms and announce notices of contest.

Validity of the will declared.

Collect estate’s assets.

Pay debts.

Pay taxes.

Sell assets (if necessary).

Close the estate.

Distribute the estate.

A person who has lost a loved one, and now must act as an executor or administrator of the estate and assets, should call an experienced probate lawyer for legal assistance.

Getting Help with the Probate Process and Distributing an Estate

San Jose residents named as executor or personal representative to a loved one’s will should seek assistance for the daunting task ahead. Contact our trusted team of probate attorneys at Henshaw & Henry to help with the challenging legal and administrative processes.

Our team of attorneys have been successful guiding countless clients through the estate administration process. These legalities include filing necessary forms with the probate court within a required timeframe. We have also used our extensive experience to help executors create an estate plan. Call today.