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Tips to Prevent Winter Injuries

California weather generally does not have the potential for serious winter weather accidents, at least in the traditional sense. Little danger from snow and ice exists in the Bay Area. However, Californians are still prone to winter accidents, especially from rain and the mudslides that could affect the area following the summer and fall’s historic wildfires. In general, cooler temperatures have residents turning on their heat and taking steps to stay more comfortable, which could also lead to injuries. Observe some simple tips to prevent seasonal illness and injury, both at home and on the road.

Winterize Your Home

As the weather cools, people will be spending more time indoors. To keep yourself and your family safe during the winter months:

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Weather experts are warning of the potential for heavy rainfall, which could lead to mudslides in the wake of the area’s wildfires. In the spirit of utmost caution, residents of the Bay Area should equip and prepare for any emergency that may arise.

Travel Safe on Wet Roads

The weather in the Bay Area is generally sunny and temperate. As a result, many residents are unaccustomed to driving in the rain, which can make roads slippery and impede visibility. Travel safely this season by observing some simple safety tips:

If you or a loved one has recently sustained injuries in a car accident this winter, our San Jose car accident lawyers can help.

Stay Healthy

Lastly, winter weather keeps more people indoors, which makes colds, the flu, and other illnesses more common. While most people will recover from these illnesses with little more than self-care, they can be dangerous to the immunocompromised, the elderly, young children, and pregnant women. To protect yourself from winter illnesses:

While California does not have to deal with snow or ice, hazards still exist in the form of inclement weather, illness, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Following some simple prevention tips can help you stay safe all season long.